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I’ve been living in London for 21 years. For 11 years, I’ve been doing my favourite job and studying my profile, as the body science continues to progress.

Things I can help with:

Regain confidence in your own body

To laugh, jump and run around, coping with the symptoms or prolapsus

Heal diastasis and tone up your stomach

Get rid of the back pains

Improve your posture

Feel strong and confident again

I managed to do it and now I want to help you!

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Sofia Mayers

Specialises on somatic body problems and practical psychology

I work with confident parents, pregnant women, couples who are expecting a baby and those who recently gave birth.

What can I help with?

Fears, anxiety and panic attacks.

Disorder of behaviour or reactions, socialisation difficulties.

Relationship problems and difficulties (between couples, children and parents, children and other children).

Adaptation issues related to everyday life, motherhood and socialisation after the maternity leave.

Eating disorders and the nutritional support system during therapy.

Neuropsychological evaluation and helping children with birth injuries or genetic brain disorders with impaired mental functions (developmental delay, speech, attention, memory, reading, writing, coordination etc.)

Neurodiagnostics and behaviour correction in adults with brain damage and cognitive impairment.

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Osteopathy for Women’s health

Specialising in newborns and women health


I will help to avoid the following pregnancy symptoms:

back pains

pelvic pains

increased reflux ( morning sickness).

Also, after pregnancy, osteopathy will help your body to restore its pre-pregnancy functionality, and relax the muscle and joint tension after childbirth, breastfeeding and carrying the baby.

Often, different tensions, muscle locks and misbalances, as well as scars from operations in the female body can aggravate problems such as endometriosis, painful menstruation, painful sexual contact, infertility, urge incontinence chronic cystitis and many others. Osteopathy can help to get rid of these tensions or locks and help the body to function more effectively.

Osteopathy can also be very beneficial for the newborns, and can help with such problems as

  • Restless baby
  • Sleep problems
  • Hypertonus
  • Problems with latching on or sucking
  • Diarrhoea
  • Reflux
  • Traumatic childbirth (either very fast, or very long, or with the medical intervention)

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Women's health clinic

The rest of the team

The clinic specialises in women’s health.

Homoeopathy is an eco, gentle way of treating the expectant mother.

Homoeopathy will help to balance mineral metabolism, which is important for organ formation, birth preparation, going through the labour with the least discomfort avoiding stimulation and c section if the baby isn’t positioned correctly.

If the medical intervention was unavoidable, homeopathic detoxes will help to gently get rid of antibiotics, epidural anaesthesia, and synthetic hormones, and minimise their effects on the health of the mum and the baby.

I work in close contact with independent and NHS midwives

To have someone to contact about the questions out of my expertise, as well as to help the clients understand how NHS works or find quicker ways to get proper care or the right specialist, in NHS or privately.

Having different specialists in the team that you work with increases the quality of the service you receive.

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