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I’m a doula mentor, instructor of baby massage and antenatal courses, Bach practitioner and postpartum recovery specialist.

Hey! Glad to see you here!

My name is Anna, and I help women who live in London, Kent and Riga during the most vulnerable period in their lives.

I provide them with care and professional support.

Who needs a doula?

Everyone needs a doula! 

I will help you deal with each question that you are worried about!

  • 1
    A mum who’s pregnant for the first time

    When you’re pregnant for the first time, the fear of uncertainty and lack of confidence can gain control, so you will need someone that will help to "ground" you in and take deep breaths together with you.

  • 2
    A mum with multifetal pregnancy

    I have already had the experience of supporting multifetal pregnancies, such mum might require double support. Any birth way should be still available to you.

  • 3
    A mum who is planning a cesarean

    Even with a planned cesarean a mum might need additional support and information about how to make this experience less stressful.

  • 4
    A mum who seems to know everything herself

    Mums who already know a lot of information or have already had the experience of childbirth may need extra hands, delicacy and support during childbirth.
  • 5
    A mum who is planning a home birth

    A mum who is planning a home birth and wants to get a lot of massages and breathe together.
  • 6
    A mum who has a birth partner

    A mum who has a partners, but is not sure they understand the birth process or might want more specialised support with support from loved one.
What does doula do?
Transforms your parenting experience
  • Gentle approach
    I believe that for pregnant women and new mothers gentle approach is more important than ever.

  • Informed decision
    Doula will provide you with pros and cons so you are well-informed, understand what you are being offered clearly and can make the right decision based on this information.
  • Positive childbirth experience
    According to the research, having a doula can reduce
    the labour hours by 25%,
    the frequency of caesarean delivery by 50%
    induction of labour by 40%
    requests for epidural anaesthesia by 60%

Why it’s a bad idea to think “everyone manages to give birth somehow, so I’ll manage too”

You’ve probably heard about only one possible scenario how to give birth - and the role of the woman in it doesn’t look very attractive. It has probably been repeated to you since childhood by a mum, a grandmother or mainstream media, as well. According to this scenario, all that a woman who is giving birth does is suffer, shout, and, sometimes, breathe, while the nurses and female relatives look at her with pity “we know how hard this is, but you need to stay strong and get through this”.

This is approximately how my first and second childbirths went, and later I found out that the classic birthing position is comfortable for the midwives and nurses, but is not natural for the mother and baby and that you don’t have to “endure” and “get through”. With preparation, a plan and knowledge of how to help your body at each stage of the labour process, it’s possible to significantly decrease both the pain and the risk of complications. And I’ve been supporting women in this for over five years.

If you want your supported and informed childbirth, comfortable as possible, come to my Childbirth Preparation courses. I will provide you with support - not just informational, but also emotional.

Your body has created a miracle

Take care of it

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