About me
I’m a doula mentor (Doula UK), mom, bone closing ceremony expert, instructor of baby massage and antenatal courses, Bach practitioner and Psychology student.

I am many things, all of which I combine into my Doula role.

Doula and mother of three
I am Anna Pifko, and I am empowering women to have successful birth of their choice , supporting them emotionally by always being available to answer their questions; To prepare for the childbirth, so that it goes smoothly and your first few days of parenting could be full of recovery and taking care of yourself, as well as your baby.
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Your body created a miracle
Bringing a new person into this world is not an easy task. There are many important decisions to make.

I would like you to know enough to give birth the way you choose, and know that you are not alone in this. I wish to provide support and faith, making everything clear for you.

I will be by your side - as much as you need it.
It can be massage, breathing, rebozo and aromatherapy. Or maybe creating a safe space around you and the baby.

Every woman deserves a doula.

There are many options: home birth, caesarean delivery, lotus birth. Induction. Twin pregnancy.
I can support you in any of these.
  • Educations
    2016 Red Tent Doula Course
    2018 Natalia Tominina ceremony of bone closing and Rebozo
    2018 Doula link RU- Postnatal Doula
    2019 -2021 microbiome courses
    • microbirth 9 cpd hr
    • group b strep 10 cpd hr
    • breast milk & infant microbiome 17 cpd hr
    • the infant epigenetic 9 cpd hr
    2019-2020 Red Tent Radical Educators course by Nicola
    2019 Baby massage instructor by IAIM
    2020 Natidoula – ceremony of bone closing
    2020 Doula link RU – antenatal educator course
    2020 seminar by Olga kapustina – How to recover after c-section birth
    2021 Bach Remedy Course by Evgeni Shmukler 35 cpd hr
    2022 Darya Utkina Abuse in Childbirth
    2022 BSc (Hons) Psychology with Child Development

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
    • Personal experience of being a mum for over 12 years
    • Working with women for seven years
    • Supporting women during;
    • Caesarean birth
    • Home birth
    • Hospital birth
    • Multifetal pregnancy at home and hospital
    • Experience of accompanying childbirth in different countries
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