I wasn't sure where to start this review as there are many facets to the service that Anna provides. I think she is more than a doula, she is a truly supportive partner throughout pregnancy, post-natal and even beyond. I have used Anna for my first pregnancy, I had a hospital water birth. The birth in itself was a success, I birthed quickly and without any pain relief. Anna was a great helper, she was massaging me during the contractions, making me smell different essential oils, reminding me of breathing techniques, organising for the hospital to prepare the birth pool. The after birth wasn't so smooth. Due to the hospital environment I had a retained placenta which had to be manually removed. I have been asked to get out of the pool too soon, and my placenta wouldn’t come off. This left a traumatic mark on me, and a part of me felt like I had failed.

For my second birth, after a discussion with Anna and my hypnobirther I had decided on a home birth. I wanted control. With corona and some restrictions still in place, it seemed like the best option and the option where I would remain in control of things happening around me. Anna had provided me with a whole range of documents, literature and other information to read. She was always available for a call or on whats app. She offered me Bach’s therapy, but I was only comfortable using it during and after birth. Anna met with my private midwives, she listed to them and asked questions. My home birth was very quick, even faster than my first! When I felt the contractions ramp up Anna gave me Bach’s drops, she also did Rebozo on me as my contractions were in the front (my first birth I felt them in my back). My baby came out in 2 push, super quick! Anna managed the midwives after my baby was born, she made sure we had the golden hour, that the placenta was birthed naturally, and the cord clumped when I was ready. My birth was a success, healing me from my trauma with first birth. Post-natali, Anna provided me with oils to massage my stomach, Bach’s therapy (I find it amazing!), plants to boil to put in the bath etc. Anna knows many people, she was able to recommend me an osteopath, a homeopath, she recommended me literature about vaccines. My recovery was quicker and smoother than after my first birth. Anna is always available to answer questions and if you need contacts or recommendations she’s the one to ask!

I have met with 4 doulas before my first birth, and I chose Anna as I felt very comfortable. She came to my house for our first meeting (a lot wanted to meet somewhere else, more convenient for them). Anna goes the extra mile, she doesn’t do things because they’re comfortable for her, she works for the client! She is very calm under pressure, she doesn’t loose control, and I have never seen her lost or stressed when asked questions or when in action during birth. She is never pushy about decisions, she is informative but does not tell you what to do, just provides support and information. I highly recommend Anna for any women who wants to take control of her birth and empower herself!


thank you very much for your support in the first days of my baby's life

Anna is a wonderful person and a great doula. Thank you so much for your support in the first days of my baby's life.


Feeling reborn

We had a baby massage course with Anna and a rebozo massage for a postpartum mother. Feelings of being reborn, the baby has a noticeable progress in physical development since our course


My labour with my first child was unexpectedly quick, and I ended up calling Anna when I was already in advanced labour. With my husband we have decided to go to the hospital as waiting at home could mean that I can’t get up and move if the labour keeps on progressing fast, so we met Anna at the hospital directly. Whilst I was screaming at home and in the ambulance during each contraction, when Anna met me at the hospital she straight away calmed me down. She pressed on some points on my back which provided such a relief during each contraction, and also made me smell different oil blends for relaxation. She quickly organized the midwives in the room and asked them to dim the lights, and to check on me only with my permission. She showed them my birth plan and guided everyone. Anna also organized a pool birthing room for me and transferred me there as soon as possible, so I could have the water birth I was hoping for! Both my husband and I felt calm straight away after seeing Anna at the hospital, we felt like she knew what she was doing and we could trust her. She encouraged my husband to take pictures which I am so grateful for, as it’s a very unique moment the birth of your first child. Anna was pressing the points on my back during each contraction and also told me to change positions once baby was crowning to help with pushing. She was an amazing support through the pregnancy, but honestly I could not have done it without her in labour. She organized the perfect birth for me, and I was left with only positive emotions thanks to her help.

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