Решим пойти за вторым, то только с ней

Мои роды прошли именно так, как я этого хотела Благодаря Анне. Когда мы с мужем решим пойти за вторым , то только с ней


Спасибо большое за поддержку в первые дни жизни моего крохи

Анна прекрасный человек, и великолепная доула. Спасибо большое за поддержку в первые дни жизни моего крохи


Ощущения заново рожденной

Проходили неонатальный массаж с Анной и массаж ребозо для мамы послеродовой. Ощущения заново рожденной, у малыша заметный прогресс в физическом развитии


My labour with my first child was unexpectedly quick, and I ended up calling Anna when I was already in advanced labour. With my husband we have decided to go to the hospital as waiting at home could mean that I can’t get up and move if the labour keeps on progressing fast, so we met Anna at the hospital directly. Whilst I was screaming at home and in the ambulance during each contraction, when Anna met me at the hospital she straight away calmed me down. She pressed on some points on my back which provided such a relief during each contraction, and also made me smell different oil blends for relaxation. She quickly organized the midwives in the room and asked them to dim the lights, and to check on me only with my permission. She showed them my birth plan and guided everyone. Anna also organized a pool birthing room for me and transferred me there as soon as possible, so I could have the water birth I was hoping for! Both my husband and I felt calm straight away after seeing Anna at the hospital, we felt like she knew what she was doing and we could trust her. She encouraged my husband to take pictures which I am so grateful for, as it’s a very unique moment the birth of your first child. Anna was pressing the points on my back during each contraction and also told me to change positions once baby was crowning to help with pushing. She was an amazing support through the pregnancy, but honestly I could not have done it without her in labour. She organized the perfect birth for me, and I was left with only positive emotions thanks to her help.

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