About Me

Happy Birth You Deserve a Doula

Hello, my name is Anna Pifko, and I am glad to offer you my services. I am a doula, and my inner world is in harmony with this concept. Doula is a person who sincerely supports and helps. With my assistance, preparing for childbirth will be easy, and the first days of motherhood will be full of joy.

I am a kind, sensitive and caring person. I have chosen this profession because I wanted to positively influence experience of women in the most sensitive and difficult period of their lives. My goal is to make childbirth the most enjoyable moment for a child and for the parents.

I believe that every woman deserves to enjoy sincere pleasure of bearing a baby and giving birth. It’s a very valuable gift for me to be next to moms during these bright times.

Today’s pace of life forces many women to return to the usual routine almost immediately after childbirth. Meanwhile taking care of a newborn and performing endless household duties is difficult. It’s simply you don’t have enough time and energy. And doula comes to aid!

A woman needs time to fully recover from childbirth and to establish close connection with a child. Doula support at this stage can be of great assistance.

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I will be happy to help you with cooking, other domestic duties and of course with nurturing the connection between a mother and a baby.

I will be your personal guide who will tell you how to breathe properly during childbirth, how to reduce the need for caesarean rate by 50%, the length of labor by 25%, the use of oxytocin by 40%, and requests for an epidural by 60%.

To further convince you, I would like to mention that I attained the status of UK Recognized Doula, i.e. am a professional doula. You can check my profile on Doula UK website.

The list of courses I have attended:

  • Red Cross, first aid (two years);
  • Red tent doula and breastfeeding course;
  • Natalia Tomilina course “Swaddling Mom”;
  • Dmitry Fokin cource “Voice in Childbirth”;
  • Perinatal Support Institute, “Doula After Childbirth”;
  • Microbirth Microbiom course;
  • Currently – Antenatal Enducator course.

I have experience dealing with twin’s labour both naturally and through caesarean, I dealt with cases of cord entanglement and stimulation. I have prepared the parturient women for both in hospital and at home labour.

I helped several dozens of women to enjoy the true happiness of preparing for childbirth and early days of motherhood.

I will be sincerely glad to help every woman who decides to trust me in this magical period of her life!