Good support and information!

Thank you for good support and information!


A very helpful nice lady

I had a consultation with Anna,she is very helpful and nice lady,highly recommended


Lots of care and useful info!

Great! lots of care and useful info!

Please rate the service you have received: 5 out of 5


An amazing professional person

I had my consultations with Anna now and she’s an amazing and professional person!


Contact Anna for positive birth experience

My experience with Anna was outstanding. I was pregnant with my third child and thanks to Anna I had completely different birth experience than I had with my two other children. You would think that being pregnant with third child would make you an expert. This is not true. It turned out that I knew nothing. Anna is extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth as well as after birth care.

I am located in US and we didn’t plan for doula service in advance therefore she was helping me remotely via phone calls, photos and videos. She was dedicated to come to US but I was only few weeks away from giving birth therefore we decided to work remotely. I am the type of person who likes privacy. The remote communication was something I really wanted and it worked. Anna supported me throughout my last few weeks of pregnancy by sharing her knowledge and materials that prepared me for the birth. When it was time for me to go in the hospital I had no fear at all, I was 100% prepared. I gave birth in 4 hours after my first contractions. Nurses watched me quietly and I only heard: “She knows what she is doing. That’s amazing”. Baby was born 9.11lbs 21 1/2 inches happy baby without a single birth mark! She was also supporting me after birth with valuable advice. My baby is only two months old and I am back to the shape and have zero depression. I am happy mom.

It doesn’t really matter if doula has 20 years experience or not, it is about personality. Not anyone can be a doula. This is very hard field to be in and without natural traits and big heart you won’t get the birth journey you dream about with just some doula. I highly recommend to contact Anna for positive birth experience. You won’t regret.


5 out of 5

Doula arrived for birth in time? Yes!
Did you achieve your birth plan goals? Yes!
What helped you the most? Treatment in contractions
Please rate the service you have received: 5 out of 5
Would you use this service for your next labour? Yes
Would you recommend this service to others? Yes


Ani’s help was invaluable

My wife and me received first-quality support. I was explained how to act during the beginning of birth pains, when to go to the hospital, what awaits in the hospital.

It’s hard for a man to see how his wife is suffering, and he can not help her. In this case, Ani’s help was invaluable. She knows what to do, when to do (can do gymnastics with your wife, take a bath, apply soothing oils and music). Everything that a man can not think of, because he did not have the experience of childbearing. I recommend this for men, so that the wife gets the necessary high-quality support, and you could calmly prepare the house for the return of mother and baby!

Would you use this service again? Yes
Would you recommend this service to others? Yes


Very knowledgeable and passionate

From our very first meeting Anna came across as very knowledgeable and passionate about her work and supporting women during the wonderful time. She provided very clear and in-depth information about all aspects of late pregnancy and birth and was very caring and attentive. She very much helped me to wake up my husband to the fact that he needs to be more prepared for the birth than he thought he needed to be and in a short space of time taught him many valuable techniques, which he did use in the process and which helped my a lot. Unfortunately I did not have the time or brain capacity to call Anna for my actual birth as it progressed from 0 to 100 in less than an hour and baby decided to arrive without witnesses )) even midwife was unable to come on time. Still Anna constantly offered help and advice with breastfeeding, checking on mine and babies welfare and happiness after birth.

Did you achive your birth plan goals? Yes and No. All went very fast, so I had no time to call anyone or set anything up.
Would you use this service for your next labour? Yes
Did you achived your postnatal goals?(eg. skin to skin, golden hour, delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding) Yes everything I wanted
Would you recommend this service to others? Yes
Do you think your doula prepared you enough for your labour? 5 out of 5
Did you tear? No
Have you had any painkiller apart from natural methods? No

Thank you Anna for all your help and support and best of luck with the career!