Consultation will consist of any theme you would like to discuss. Like:

  • How to prepare yourself for birth and baby arrival
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postnatal period
  • New-born care
  • Birth plan
  • Postnatal Self-Care

However please remember I am here not to give you medical advice, I am here to support your needs by providing emotional, information, mental and physical support

Birth Doula Services

The presence of a doula can be beneficial no matter what type of birth you are planning. Many women reported needing fewer interventions when they had a doula. For women who have decided to have a medicated birth, I will provide emotional, informational, and physical support through labor and the administration of medications.

I also provide couples with emotional and physical support throughout the pregnancy, labor, and birth, to help you achieve the birth experience you desire from the time you call me until your baby has been born and fed.
Emotional support such as:
• Continuous presence
• Reassurance
• Encouragement
• Praise
• Helping the birthing person see themselves or their situation more positively
• Keeping company
• Showing a caring attitude
• Mirroring—calmly describing what the birthing person is experiencing and echoing back the same feelings and intensity
• Accepting what the birthing person wants
• Helping the birthing person and partner work through fears and self-doubt
• Debriefing after the birth—listening to the mother with empathy
Physical support such as:
• Soothing with touch through the use of massage, counter pressure, or a rebozo
• Helping to create a calm environment, like dimming lights and arranging curtains
• Assisting with water therapy (shower, tub)
• Applying warmth or cold
• Assisting the birthing person in walking to and from the bathroom
• Giving ice chips, food, and drinks

Emotional support such as:
• Guiding the birthing person and their partner through labor
• Suggesting techniques in labor, such as breathing, relaxation techniques, movement, and positioning (positioning is important both with and without epidurals)
• Helping them find evidence-based information about different options in pregnancy and childbirth
• Helping explain medical procedures before or as they occur

Usually I come to your house and meet you. Our home visits will consist of 2 or 3 visits before labour. during this period, we will develop a relationship, it will also be your time to ask any questions, express your fears and concerns, and take an active role in creating your birth plan.

We will discuss which procedures you are happy to have at birth, and which not.  I have the ability to provide comfort with pain-relief techniques.

There also will be one visit after birth, where I will ensure you are managing feedings breastfeeding or bottle feeding and bonding with your baby , ensure you don’t have any concerns regarding yourself or the baby; if you have I will discuss it with you and find appropriate help, if needed .

Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum doula service is a service you might decide to have after you have had your baby.  We will meet one time before your baby arrives to discuss what would you like to receive from this service and any special needs / concerns you might have.

After your baby has been born, I will spend with you at least 20 hours, depending on how confidently you will feel. My main role will include assisting  with breastfeeding or bottle feeding if needed and  taking care of you, helping you to do some housework, cooking, and  looking after your baby while you are having a shower, bath, taking a nap or anything else you might want me to help you with.

Birth and Postpartum services are also available together

See Price List for details